Chung was born in Malaysia but was raised and educated in Singapore during an era when bilingualism was heavily funded and promoted. As such, Chung grew up being fluent in both English and Mandarin. To his family members and relatives, he also spoke Teochew and Cantonese, two other southern dialects, or some might even say languages of China.

Chung then went to UC Berkeley in the United States, and subsequently spent eight years in wonderful California. He then spent another eight years setting up and running a business near Shanghai, China. Even though he was trained as an Engineer, Chung never forgot his love for languages. After returning from China to Singapore, Chung taught Mandarin, and started to work on developing the Language Domus, a home for all language lovers. At the Language Domus, where the focus is on Asian languages that are perceived as mysterious and difficult, Chung intends to create language courses that breaks down the languages into easily understood bite-sized chunks for English speakers. The Language Domus is also where Chung hopes to document and share his own journey in language learning.


What others say about Chung

  • "Best tutor ever. Love his voice!"
  • "Fun lesson, and down-to-earth! From Thailand with love."
  • "Needed some quick lessons before my business trip to China. Chung saved my life!"